Kind Words From Past Sunshine Couples

Same sex wedding queenstown by Sunshine Weddings photo and Film

“So amazing and so well edited and the chosen words are just perfect. I love the choice of music. It fits our theme, our lives and the day just perfectly. Both of us watched it together and as you probably know and have heard many times before, cried our eyes out as it brought back all those memories that went by so quickly on the day. We will be watching it many times over. That first track is perfect. The dancing and the wine barrels give me goosebumps. After watching it again I fall in love with so many other aspects of the film. The cake revolving around is now a favourite and I love how it works with the music. You guys are simply geniuses at what you do. We both cannot thank you enough for this piece of artwork you have created. Once again thank you both for such an awesome effort. I’m actually shaking writing this email ’cause I’m so happy. Well done guys.”

UPDATE: Silver award winner at 2016 AIPP Australian Video Producer Awards Read more

Stoneridge Estate Queenstown wedding venue photography and film by Sunshine Weddings

“Once deciding on New Zealand as our destination, it essentially came down to “where do Melissa and Scott from Sunshine Weddings travel?” Since most of our family and friends wouldn’t be able to attend, we agreed that having a beautiful video and photos of our wedding day to share was a priority. We came across Melissa and Scott’s films in researching elopement style weddings and fell absolutely in love with their work.”

“…the photos are just fantastic and we’re completely in love with the film–a million thanks for so beautifully capturing such a special day for us! Absolutely stunning!! What perfect timing to share with our families over the holidays 🙂 It was such a pleasure to work with you both throughout this whole experience. You are truly exceptional at what you do! Speak soon, and in the meantime we’ll just be scrolling through the photos and watching the film a few hundred times :)” Read more

Same sex wedding queenstown by Sunshine Weddings photo and Film

Thank you for making our day so easy – neither of us a good in front of a camera and you both made it bearable, which is no easy task. Thank you for being such an awesome couple and fun to deal with too!! It must be so hard dealing with the likes of us (camera shy & distracted) and even more so on Scott’s birthday!!!

Thank you for being so easy to love!! Family & friends all thought you were both the best thing since sliced bread, loads of fun and of course doing a superb job. Just thank you a million times over. We had such a fun day and felt very spoilt and loved. Hopefully you didn’t have too much trouble catching some of the madness… Good to be surrounded by a perfectly sized group of genuinely loving and crazy people on such a special day.”

“You’ve made some people very happy with the film and the photos you’ve taken – including us of course. Serious talent incl. serious talent for making people happy 🙂 🙂 James would like to know how you made him look good! His words – I think he’s awesome to the core so have no idea what he’s on about.”

“We LOVE our video, so happy with it. I think we watched it 3 times in a row before we had to run out the door. Made us both so happy!! I think we’ve watched it at least a dozen times already.” Read more

Moke Lake elopement wedding photography and video by Sunshine Weddings

Advice to brides

“Hire a really great photographer/cinematographer! This is a big one! I can’t emphasize enough how much I love our moments that were captured by our filming/photo company we hired. The video made it even more amazing and it was so beautifully done that we could watch it over and over again and never get tired of seeing it. It was our own personal movie!”

“OH The film and pictures are absolutely stunning! We REALLY could not have picked a better company to capture everything! We both got choked up watching it and we are seriously on our toes waiting to show our family! I really just can’t put into words how great all of your work is! Thank you so much! We really never would have thought that we would LOVE every single photo (given we are both kind of self conscious, if you couldn’t tell! haha!) But we really are SO excited to show everyone! The music is PERFECT by the way! I don’t think any of the songs we picked would have went as well with what you picked! We love the feel of the entire video and the music goes so well with it! Thank you, thank you again! We are so thrilled! Read more

Lip sync wedding video mountain wedding queenstown y Sunshine Weddings Film and Photo

“Thank you for creating such special memories of our wedding! At first we were unsure about even having a wedding video made. It turns out that is was the best decision we made about the wedding (other than choice of spouse!). Talent and lack of ego don’t often go hand in hand, but you both have that unique combination. You made the process so easy and the final result was far better that we had dreamed! We class ourselves as movie stars now and love showing off the videos to whoever will watch. We enjoyed spending time with you both, with camera or not, and we hope our paths cross again.” Read more

Queenstown elopement destination wedding video by Sunshine WEddings

“Your work is what captures the emotional element to the day and is what leaves people really understanding the relationship between us. You guys did such a wonderful job. The music selection is spot on – lyrics and all. I’m not sure how you and Scott get to know us so well just from spending a few hours with us, but it somehow feels like you’ve known us for years and have conveyed something that’s been really difficult to convey to family and friends – the reason we eloped is because we were simply ready to start our lives together.” Read more