It’s pretty hard to top off a wedding adventure like Taylor and Beau’s. Dropping your pants on a glacier is a decent effort though. Good to see Beau was well prepared. Seriously though, these two were the loveliest in-love pair and Scott had a blast being their photographer for a few hours. They travelled from Brisbane for a trip around the South Island with an intimate elopement wedding in the middle.

A short helicopter trip with Aspiring Helicopters to Coromandel Peak for epic views. A personal and touching ceremony with Jools Macknight complete with whisky shots and lots of laughs. Then another helicopter ride through the Aspiring Ranges to find snow on Isobel Glacier. Once back on land Scott took them to the shores of Lake Wanaka to take in the sunset and have a moment to themselves.

We’re so lucky to make friends while doing our job. Looking forward to seeing both Taylor and Beau back in this neck of the woods for an anniversary trip maybe? Your photographer is ready… 🙂

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Coromandel Peak Wedding

Locations: Coromandel Peak, Mount Roy and Isobel Glacier. Wedding planning: The Wedding Company, Photos: Sunshine Weddings, Accomodation: Wanaka Haven, Hair and Makeup: Road To Beauty, Flowers: Studio 24 Helicopter: Aspiring Helicopters.